Where do your leads come from?

Our leads are generated by consumers who are looking for insurance or loans and have completed one of our online applications. They are expecting to be contacted by an agent or agents who can provide them with quotes.

How long does it take for me to receive the leads?

The minute a consumer submits our online form, it is sent directly to you.

How much do leads cost?

Each lead type has a base price. If you require filters, there is an additional cost per filter. Volume discounts may apply for high-volume agents.

How am I charged for your service?

Agents with a Premium Account fund their accounts up front via credit card. Each time time a lead is sent to you, the cost per lead is deducted from your account. When you reach 25% of your balance the card is charged again. You are only charged for leads, there are no start-up, monthly, or hidden fees and no long-term contracts.

Pay-Per-Lead account customers buy individual lead credits. You will receive the same exact leads, but the cost and filtering is a little different from a Premium Account. Pay-Per-Lead accounts are not automatically recurring.

How many leads can you provide to me?

That depends. Keep in mind, our service is real-time and relies on consumers filling out forms. Depending on the filters you require, you will receive more or fewer referrals. For example, a larger geographic area will usually result in more referrals. In some cases you may need to adjust your filters.

Can I control my lead flow?

Yes. Your agent login enables you to control your Account and its Profiles (if applicable).

Will other agents get the same leads that you send to me?

Our Premium Connect leads are shared up to three times, well below the standard seven agents for typical shared leads. We do not send the lead to agents from the same company or another company selling the exact same product.

Can I return a lead for credit?

Of course! If you receive a lead that has incorrect contact information, you may submit it for credit.

What do the leads look like?

Click here to see a sample health insurance referral.

How do I start receiving leads?

Sign Up or Contact Us. Accounts can be set up right away!

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Health Insurance
Female, 65 yo, Charlotte, NC 28273, Mecklenburg County
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Auto Insurance
Male, 30 yo, Gwynn Oak, MD 21207, Baltimore County
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Home Owners Insurance
Male, 44 yo, Bronx, NY 10456, Bronx County
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Life Insurance
Female, 28 yo, Medford, OR 97501, Jackson County
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Group Health Insurance
Male, East Hampton, CT 06424, Middlesex County
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Long Term Care Insurance
Male, 34 yo, Cuddy, PA 15031, Allegheny County
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Medicare Insurance
Male, 71 yo, San Diego, CA 92101, San Diego County
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Annuities Insurance
Male, 27 yo, New York, NY 10003, New York County
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Final Expense Insurance
Male, 99 yo, New York, NY 10001, New York County
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